Christi Meril

DIFFA Style Council 2023-Christi-90532

Christi Meril is a recognized contemporary abstract artist working in various mediums, including canvas and wood. Christi highlights her innovative process of sculpting a range of materials onto painted canvases, as well as her distinct wooden sculptures.

She has used native Texas woods such as Cypress, Pecan, and Bodark, along with sustainably-sourced old- growth Redwood from northern California to bring her pieces to life.

Christi draws inspiration from a combination of the energy found in urban settings and architecture, along with natural landscapes, such as rock formations, mountain peaks and extinguished campfires.

Her work is often recognizable because of her use of color, sculpture, and custom neon lighting. Christi crafts her work by integrating mediums not typically brought together to create 3D modern fine art celebrating her love of city life and the majesty of nature.

In addition to expressing her love of nature in her work, she also strives to use her position to encourage inclusion, equality, and love through symbols and text.

Christi creates and shows her work at the ALG Collective at 1302 Dragon Street, Dallas, TX 75207.

The ALG Collective is located in Dallas’ vibrant Design District.