Get Lost in Roam: The Unique Wood Wall Sculpture

If you’re looking for a stunning new contemporary art piece to grace your walls, look no further than this unique wood wall sculpture titled “Roam.” 

This new creation has been inspired by the majestic beauty of trees while hiking. Four pieces of wood, each a different depth, have been shaped into ovals, with the largest piece measuring an impressive 6 x 3 feet. Mounted on custom acrylic cleats, the sculpture stands out in 3D, creating a breathtaking effect. Using oil and acrylic paint and resin, this project boasts vibrant colors and a sleek contemporary design. The finishing touches are the two solid black oval rings and two painted tree rings, making Roam an unforgettable work of art.

Unique Wood Wall Sculpture by Christi Meril - Roam

Hiking Through the Trees

When I’m out in nature, I find inspiration all around me. The trees are fascinating, and I often find myself staring up at their gnarled trunks and branches, imagining what kind of wood sculpture they might make. These experiences contribute to the creative process of pieces like “Roam.” 

As I was hiking, I couldn’t help but think about how trees are like natural works of art. Each one is unique, with its own texture and shape. I wanted to capture that beauty and turn it into something that could be appreciated indoors.

I used oil, acrylic paint, and resin to bring out the natural colors and textures of the wood, creating a vibrant and eye-catching design. The two painted black oval rings and two painted tree rings add an extra layer of depth and interest to the piece.

Roam is a one-of-a-kind wood wall sculpture that brings the beauty of nature into your home in a modern and innovative way. It’s perfect for anyone who loves fine art and contemporary design or wants to add a touch of nature to their living space.

Modern Art Meets Nature

“Roam” marries a piece of nature with modern art uniquely and stunningly. The “Roam” wood sculpture takes inspiration from the natural world and transforms it into a fine art piece. It’s a contemporary design that combines the best of both worlds, organic shapes with modern materials and techniques. This 3D wall sculpture captures the beauty and majesty of the trees while incorporating a sleek, modern style that will complement any space. Whether you’re a lover of fine art, a nature enthusiast, or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind piece to enhance your décor, “Roam” will surely impress.

Custom-Made For Your Home

“Roam”  would be a great addition to an individual’s art collection or a corporate or hospitality space.

This wood sculpture is not your average piece of art – it’s a modern and contemporary take on nature-inspired design. The use of 3D projects adds an extra dimension of depth to the piece, bringing the beauty of the trees to life on your wall. With a sleek and vibrant color scheme, it’s the perfect addition to any fine art collection or space needing a unique and eye-catching focal point. 

The custom acrylic cleats make it easy to install, and the two solid black oval rings and two painted tree rings add an extra layer of interest to the design. With its unique design, “Roam” will captivate the imagination. This wood sculpture is different from your typical art piece. It combines fine art with contemporary design to create a unique and striking visual experience. “Roam” is a modern take on nature-inspired design. 

The vibrant colors bring lively energy to any space, while the sleek, minimalist design keeps it looking modern and chic. 

One-Of-A-Kind Design

“Roam” is a unique fine art piece that combines the natural beauty of wood sculpture with contemporary 3D design.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or looking to elevate your home decor, this wood wall sculpture is the perfect statement piece. Don’t settle for ordinary artwork; choose “Roam”  for an exceptional addition to your home, corporate or hospitality space.

To view “Roam” in my studio, book a viewing HERE. I would love to show the piece to you in person.