Mind’s Eye

A new process was added to my art during 2020. Due to covid, an art show I had been preparing for in Colorado was postponed. My husband and I decided to head to Colorado anyway and rent a place to stay for 6 weeks. My work is strongly rooted in time spent in the mountains. It’s there that I find countless sources of inspiration and energy. I spent many days during our extended time hiking alone with my dog Garfunkel. It was on these hikes that I had the gift of quiet time and free thought. Often the richest creative thinking experiences occur for me when I hike. Surrounded by nature and free creative thoughts I begin to develop a plan in my mind of a new process. I decided I wanted to incorporate paper & nails into my work on canvas and wood to express my connection and experiences to both the mountains and to urban life.

The first piece I created once I returned to my studio in Dallas was “Mind’s Eye.” This piece contains sculpture, nails which remind me of miners building cabins and mineshafts so long ago and even charcoal I gathered from a Colorado campfire while hiking. There is also custom blue neon running through this painting. This contemporary piece of art will tell it’s own story to the viewer. I have loved working with both sculpture and paint for almost three years and find the possibilities are endless with this process.